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Interviews... is a new informational campaign by TMASF Connects for 2022. It pairs our factsheets and written resources with video interviews of local industry experts. Click Here to see our factsheet introducing the series, or watch the video.

Topics are tailored to be relevant to our members and workforce participants. Please see below for all released videos and factsheets!

Commuting with Muni

TMASF Connects staff interviews Jeffrey Tumlin, SFMTA's Director of Transportation, on Muni’s current cleaning and safety procedures as well as future projects and initiatives to welcome commuters back to the system.

Introduction Video

Sanitation Video and Factsheet

Safety Video and Factsheet


Commuting with BART

TMASF Connects staff interviews Alicia Trost, BART’s Chief Communications Officer, and Sequoia Taylor, BART Transit Ambassador, on BART’s current cleaning and safety procedures as well as new initiatives BART is undertaking to welcome commuters back to the system.

Sanitation Video and Factsheet

Air Quality Video and Factsheet

Reporting Issues Video and Factsheet

Safety Video and Factsheet

Passenger Experience Video and Factsheet

Ambassador Program Video and Factsheet

Cybersecurity with Centarus

TMASF Connects staff interviews Dale Roberts, founder of Centarus, an IT service provider and TMASF Connects partner. Explore best practices for cybersecurity to help protect your information in today’s online environment.

Introduction Video and Factsheet

Suspicious Calls, Emails, and Messages Video and Factsheet

Phishing with Michael

Local jobseeker Michael D. goes in-depth on his own experiences with suspicious employers and potential job phishing scams.

Introduction and Phishing Factsheet

Phishing Experience 1

Phishing Experience 2


Q&A Follow-Up and Phishing Follow-Up Factsheet

TMASF Connects wants to help you help organizations that are actively seeking assistance with either financial donations, mentoring and tutoring for underrepresented children, or offering assistance to help provide meals to SFUSD students.

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For our new video series on phishing and job scams, Click Here!