About Us

TMASF Connects was established in 1989 to promote commute alternatives to driving alone and serves 82 of The City’s commercial office buildings representing over 26,000,000 square feet of real estate, 3,000 employers, and more than 130,000 employees. We are funded solely through membership and do not accept public funding. We provide award-winning commute assistance programs, nationally recognized program models, stable staffing and board of directors, state of the art website, mapping and resources, and extensive workforce development tools – many available as a public service.

Governance and Legal Information

Our Board of Directors

  • Bonnie S. Pybus, RPA, FMA*
  • Tawni Frank Sullivan
  • Paul C. Richards, CPM, RPA
    Executive Vice President of Association Affairs
  • Mark V. Buckingham
    Chief Financial Officer/ Vice President Connects Career
  • Randy J. Valdez
    Vice President Connects Commute
  • Stacia Keisner
    The Swig Company
  • Amber Brown, RPA, FMA, LEED GA
    Boston Properties
  • Paige Salazar
  • Paul E. Paradis, LEED AP*
    Founding Board Member
  • Albert J. Maher, CPM*
    Maher Consulting

*Founding Directors

Our Staff Members

Legal Entity/Program Name
TMASF Connects

Non-Profit Status
501(C) 4 — please visit GuideStar for additional information

Incorporation November 1989/ Operational April 1990

Private; Membership Fees Only

Connects Program


Comprehensive commuter assistance program –full-service commute assistance on our website which provides real-time traffic conditions and public transportation and paratransit options for anyone commuting to and from San Francisco. To support these services, we have developed incentives, information, events, community coordination, and demand-responsive activities.


Workforce development, job and educational training. Intends to encourage continued development of our local workforce, learning options, and employment opportunities to help reduce reliance on the single occupant vehicle for daily commute trips. We also offer a scholarship program and sponsor internship opportunities intended to invest in the next generation local workforce.


Links between living and working in SF — identifies local services to help connect commuting and working seamlessly with daycare needs for children, teens, senior citizens, and even pets! We provide a guide to finding the right licensed care facilities and other options for people of all ages and include robust resources to discovering financial assistance.