Community Resources

Understand what to look for when finding licensed care facilities, financial help, and how to access family needs.

Unique site features include the ability to view guide as a flipbook or download and print in PDF format.

Finding Facilities – either viewed as a website, flipbook, or PDF, this is the comprehensive guide to link to all daycare centers in the State of California as well as tools for assessing care options.

Children & Teen – tools to help you select a care option for your infant, child, or teen and learn about additional professional resources.

Adults & Seniors – assessment, planning, and care resources for adults and seniors, financial planning, and links to paratransit and commute tools.

Pets – learn about daycare, kennel, and other pet care resources in San Francisco as well as the Bay Area transit agencies’ pet policies.

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Understand what to look for when finding licensed care facilities, financial help, and how to assess family needs.
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