Senior Abuse is Real

Last year over 90,000 suspected cases of elder abuse were filed with the State of California – and those are just the cases in which a complaint was made. It happens in family homes, in senior centers and in long-term care facilities. It is real, it is ugly and it’s against the law. It can be physical or emotional or financial or just plain neglectful.

Learn the signs and act on behalf of those who can’t advocate for themselves – keep an eye on a neighbor, a friend’s parent, other residents where your parent lives. Who knows, the same act of kindness that you show today could be reciprocated for your family member someday.

For “what to look for” or to learn how to file a complaint click on the link below:

San Francisco Adult Protective Services 

Elder Abuse; Warning Signs, Risk Factors, Prevention, and Help
What is elder abuse? Warning Signs, Risk Factors, Prevention, and Help